Word From The Program Manager


Welcome to the Global Citizenship Program (GCP) at Dr. Nermien Ismail Schools, where we have been shaping the global awareness and acceptance of our students since 2005. As a cornerstone of our institution, the GCP is dedicated to fostering international understanding, empathy, and cooperation among our students.

At Dr. Nermien Ismail Schools, we believe in providing our students with a comprehensive education that extends beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. Global Citizenship is one of the four pillars of our educational philosophy, alongside Patriotism, Blended Learning, and EdTech. Through our GCP, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive in an interconnected world.

Our GCP facilitates student exchanges with sister schools located in Denmark, Spain, India, Germany, USA, Canada, Serbia, and Jordan. These exchanges provide our students with invaluable opportunities to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, broaden their perspectives, and cultivate lifelong friendships with peers from around the globe.

Through experiential learning activities, collaborative projects, and cultural exchanges, we empower our students to become compassionate global citizens who are capable of effecting positive change in their communities and beyond. Our GCP instills in our students the values of empathy, tolerance, and intercultural understanding, preparing them to navigate the complexities of our increasingly globalized world with confidence and integrity.

Join us in our mission to inspire and empower the next generation of global leaders. Explore the transformative educational experiences offered by the Global Citizenship Program at Dr. Nermien Ismail Schools and discover how you can become part of our vibrant and inclusive community.

Together, let us embrace diversity, celebrate cultural heritage, and build a more peaceful and sustainable future for all.

Welcome to the Global Citizenship Program at Dr. Nermien Ismail Schools – where the world is our classroom, and every student is a global citizen.