In 2015, our 11th Grade students took part in the first annual NISMUN, organized by Mr. Manny Gaber. The following year those same students recreated the NISMUN as part of their Political Science study of International Relations and International Organizations. There were plenty of surprises, and even the shyest seniors broke out of their shells and joined in the debate and resolution writing. We are proud of all of the participants for their hard work and decorum that made the day a success. Congratulations to our award winners

Best Delegate

– Rahaf

– Awad

– Ayman

– Salma Aser

– Abdelrahman Khaled

Best Resolution Paper:

– Mariam Alaa

– Rana Ahmed

– Mostafa Thabet

– Ahmed Sabra

– Rana Aymen

Best Position Paper:

– Ahmed Reda

– Samira Wael

– Salma Emad

– Donia Ahmed

– Maya Gamal