Road Gymnasium has an international line


Students are now offered a field of study where general education is combined with a global view. Cooperation with a large private school in Egypt is being expanded, and the high school hopes that the new venture will eventually increase the number of students.

The way: As a new one, the 1st of the Road Gymnasium can now choose whether to go on an international line that offers both workshops, lectures and travel activities.

If they choose the line, they will gain a great deal of knowledge about global conditions over the course of two years, and they will, among other things, get a nuanced insight into the reasons for the conflicts in the Middle East. Vejen Gymnasium has been working for a number of years with a large private school in Egypt’s capital Cairo, and now the cooperation is formalized, meaning that the 23 students who have enrolled in the new line until April next year will receive Egyptian students who will live with them privately.

By the end of the year, Danish students will then go to Cairo and live with Egyptian students, and throughout the course, contact will be held via Skype.

“We expect a lot of the new venture and hope that in the longer term, it will bring even more students to the Road Gymnasium,” says Lars Amdisen Bossen, Rector of the High School.

He points out that a high school is obliged to provide both students with education and vision, and that it is not only the major colleges that must fulfill this obligation.

“The obligation also applies to smaller colleges, and we believe at Vejen Gymnasium that it is important for young people to learn to act globally. Many of the young people we educate end up working in companies that are globally oriented and therefore it is natural that we make this particular effort and offer an international line. It’s about giving our students opportunities, says Lars Amdisen Bossen, who is grateful that one of the school’s teachers, Mirela Redzic, contacted the Egyptian school at the time, and has since worked to build the contact.

I am looking forward to show students on the international line Egypt’s “soul”.
Mirela Redzic, high school teacher and international coordinator
Together with a number of Egyptian teachers, Mirela, Henrik and Søren – teachers from Vejen Gymnasium and HF – and the students Sarah and Sankary from Vejen Gymnasium and HF. Private photo

Extends cooperation

Mirela Redzic teaches math and history and is an international coordinator at high school. She is affiliated with the new international line, and has visited Egypt several times. She has previously been at the head of a high school class visiting the mentioned school in Egypt and also ensuring that an Egyptian reunion was arranged.

It turned out to be inappropriate – economically and planningly – that it was a permanent class that had contact with the school in Egypt.Therefore, it has now been decided to offer an international line that goes across the classes. All students in 1st g are offered to be admitted to the line, and for the time being there are 23 students who have said yes.

Teaching extends over two years. That is, the last half of 1.g, the whole 2g and the first half of 3g.

A true Egyptian carpet adorns at the principal’s office at Vejen Gymnasium. The rug is a gift from the Egyptian school with whom you work. Photo: Astrid J. Vestergaard

The hospitality is great

According to Mirela, Egypt has incredibly much to offer, and many fall in love with the great hospitality prevailing in the country.

“The Egyptians have a big heart. They would like to do something good for others and the hospitality is huge. I am looking forward to show students on the international line of Egypt’s “soul” and I am very proud that the management at Vejen Gymnasium will aim to give the students a global view. There are not a lot of smaller colleges that make it excited by Mirela Redzic, who states that there is scope for expanding the international venture in the long term, so that it is not only based in Egypt.

Other countries may also come into play, such as Georgia, as Mirela is in full swing building a professional and personal network in.

The Egyptians believe that a beetle sets the sun on every morning. The bill now adorns at the principal’s office – a gift from the Egyptian school. High school graduated with a Danish Hoptimist. Photo: Astrid J. Vestergaard
A picture hanging on the wall of high school in the road tells that there are ties of friendship across national borders. Pupils from high school have visited a private school in Cairo, and this friendship is expanding now. Photo: Astrid J. Vestergaard