Academic Support

We cater to our students’ needs though a number of different venues

Diagnostic exams are administered during Orientation Week (Quarter 1: Week 1) of each academic year in the areas of English and Math. They assess the basic skills attained in the previous year that are required for a successful start of the new curricula. The results identify students who are at risk of failure and the skills areas they are lacking in. Said students are immediately enrolled in an afterschool intervention program (as needed) during the first quarter.

Monitoring Flipped Classroom preparation through GoogleDocs allows principal offices to intervene with students who are not doing their work on a weekly basis. Interventions are held for these students during lunch breaks and after school, whereby securing that they do the work and not continue to fall behind.

Probation status and intervention. At the close of each academic quarter, students with an average below 70% or a 1.7 GPA are placed on academic probation and must attend supplement sessions after school to aid in their understanding and processing of the subject matter.

SAT Camp is provided for G11 and G12 students prior to each SAT test session.

Private tutoring is prohibited at Advanced Education schools except when sought from and approved by Top Management. We do this to protect the fidelity of the teaching-learning process inside the classroom.

Office Hours are scheduled for every staff member at Advanced Education schools. Teachers are readily available in a designated classroom or office space at the same time each week to provide one-to-one help for students who seek it.

AEP Messaging services allow students/parents to contact teachers at the click of a button, and vice-versa. The digital documentation and time stamp safeguard all parties regarding any claims that were otherwise difficult to prove, and they allow for the transmission of information to and from home, from anywhere in the world, at any time.