Academic Life

NIS recognizes that a well-rounded education requires teamwork. As such the school strives toward a unification of effort from school staff and parents, in order to provide for the unique needs of each individual student.

In addition to assisting students in meeting their academic goals, NIS also offers a behavior management program which provides a positive, non adversarial approach to the reinforcement of appropriate interpersonal skills and social behavior. The goal of this program is to reduce or eliminate those behaviors which interfered with the student’s ability to function within the traditional school setting. Counseling services focus on anger management, relaxation techniques, self control, and most importantly, self esteem.

Students at NIS also learn about their roles and responsibilities as citizens, and the positive impact they are capable of making in the greater community. To this end, instruction is also provided on how students can access both community and public services and resources, so as to enable the students to function successfully outside of the school setting.

NIS supports parental involvement through numerous social enrichment activities such as open house and awards ceremonies and high school graduation. In addition, we encourage parents to communicate at anytime with teachers and administrators by calling or scheduling an appointment in an effort to maintain a positive and supportive relationship between parents and school staff and administration. A meeting with Parents, Teachers, and Administrators is held once every other month on school campus. Monthly parent advisory with Principal and Administrators is also available with prior preparation.

Our program is designed to support and incorporate clearly stated school wide and classroom standards and expectations to include effective intervention techniques and strategies, social skills, character education, integrated services, BMPs (Behavior Management Plans), and on-going staff development. Our behavioral management plan encourages a positive, proactive disciplinary approach that ensures active supervision and monitoring of progress through data collection. Our school standards are designed to relate directly to our school mission and values which promote respect, dignity, responsibility and safety.