Program Goals

Our program is focused on:

  1. Instilling in our students an understanding of global interdependence and responsibilities of nations members of the global village (and other related concepts e.g., globalization, rights and responsibilities, social justice, diversity, equity, peace and conflict).
  2. Raising young people’s awareness of the role played by individuals and organizations in relief and development efforts.
  3. Instilling in our students a sense of global citizenship and increase awareness of the difference that individual and collective actions can make on issues of global importance.

As for our objectives, our students must gain the following competencies:

  1. Ability to look at and approach problems as a member of a global society.
  2. Ability to work with others in a cooperative way and to take responsibility for one’s roles (and) duties within society.
  3. Ability to understand, accept, appreciate, and tolerate cultural differences.
  4. Capacity to think in a critical and systemic way.
  5. Willingness to resolve conflict in a non-violent manner.
  6. Willingness to change one’s (way of life) and habits (of consumption) to protect the environment.
  7. Ability to be sensitive towards and to defend human rights.
  8. Willingness to participate in politics locally, nationally, and internationally.