From the gargantuan megacity of Cairo to the seaside port in North East, Egypt. Dr. Nermein Ismail Schools has launched its first ever School in Porto Said, bringing the same caliber of quality education to the sons and daughters of the Canal. Our new school follows the American system and is accredited by Cognia [formerly AdvancED], one of the world’s most prestigious accreditation institutions. The school’s four main pillars are intricately implemented in our new campus through the different facilities and programs that Advanced Education offers. Firstly, our curricula and extra-curricular activities are tailored to instill the values of patriotism and loyalty to one’s country. While our students learn to love Egypt, they still learn to be active members of the global world through our Global Citizenship Programs. Here, our students have the opportunity to travel abroad and engage with exchanges and dialogues with people all over the world. NIS Schools are known to be EdTech oriented, meaning that we integrate technology into the learning process. Our online learning platform, AEP, is one of the many ways the school mobilizes technology. But that’s not all – Our coding and robotics labs, our science labs, and our fully equipped smart-panel classes all provide state-of-the-art methods of learning. It’s accurate to say NIS identifies as being a blended learning school. This means that the physical environment is interwoven with the digital one to provide a singularly experiential learning environment outcome. Faculty and staff at NIS schools are trained to create a classroom model where the student is engaged and occupying center stage

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