Established in 1999, our proprietor, Dr. Nermien Ismail, sought to develop an educational institution that would use the most progressive techniques and innovative approaches to achieve academic excellence. Beginning with 1650 students, 450 staff members, and 55 classrooms, NIS began a rapid growth providing a unique educational opportunity for Egyptian students in the Cairo community. In the year 2000, NIS National School witnessed its first 100 graduates. In 2002 our teachers attended our first Professional Development leading to the incorporation of innovative and advanced teaching techniques. In 2003 NIS was recognized by the Egyptian Ministry of Education and awarded the Shield of Excellence. By 2009 our campus was awarded accreditation for our British School by the Edexcel Board for IGCSE. As we were in a continual state of growth, there was a need for Revision of our Mission and Vision in 2011. We launched our competency based Human Resource Management System in 2011 as well. The year 2012 saw the launch of NIS online Learning Management System (LMS). By 2013 our Quality Management System was compliant with the ISO International Standard. Faculty and staff began their pre-video recording of their assigned content material for student viewing. With our quest to give the highest quality education to our students, NIS became the provider of the largest educational material on the internet.
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