NIS National Schools have been a success story ever since the inauguration of the first institution in 1999. For two decades, the National system at Dr. Nermein Ismail Schools has provided its students with a state-of-the-art, sound education.

Dr. Nermein Ismail Schools has proudly graduated twenty-one generations of entrepreneurs, doctors, artists, politicians, engineers, chefs, athletes, educators, and businessmen, among many other widely successful professionals, worldwide. Now, in response to the high demand for access to our NIS national schools, Dr. Nermein Ismail Schools is opening an added national school campus in the New Administrative Capital City.

Since its inauguration, the school has been keen on evolving its curricula, facilities, and activities to keep up with the changing world around it. While the school follows the Egyptian National curriculum, Advanced Education takes it one step further. By giving our students access to our online learning platform, AEP, all the content they need is just a button-click away. From in-house tailored education videos to online quizzes and assignments, our school mobilizes technology to facilitate a much easier learning process for our students.

Our campus at the New Capital is unprecedented in its design. With almost 15,000 m² of land, it will include facilities that enhance the learning process and create an overall experiential learning outcome for the student. The campus holds an indoor semi-Olympic heated swimming pool, a 400 seat auditorium, four science labs, a multipurpose sports court, a gymnasium, and a music and ballet hall. These facilities create an inclusive learning environment where all our students’ needs are accounted for.

At NIS, the sky’s truly our playground.

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