Our second campus in the 1st Settlement was founded in 2001 and inaugurated in 2004. The demands of the growing population in our Nasr City campus and community initiated the need for expansion of our National School at an additional location. In 2005, an American division was initiated and gained accreditation from the Commission of International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). In 2010 our American School was accredited by the prestigious accreditor, Advanced. The American School received a 5 year accreditation from Advanced, with the highest score in the Middle East. In addition, the NIS Leadership Team participates in the Advanced review of Orange County Public Schools in Florida 2015. In 2004 a French Division was established to diversify our campus with other systems of education providing opportunity for students to choose a system that addresses their specific needs. In 2007, our French School was authorized to give the DELF exam. Needing to keep pace with technological advances, NIS began technical renovation of 500 computers and 100 scanners in 2004 on all of our campuses. This began a continual process of updating our technology to meet the needs of our students. In 2011 we initiated the conception and implementation of Quality Management System for International Standard. Understanding the importance of the S.A.T. for our American Division students, NIS American School became a licensed S.A.T Center in 2006 making it convenient for our students to receive information about enrollment and general S.A.T. practices. We also give our students support by reserving one class a week for S.A.T. study and practice. Realizing the importance of being part of the global community, NIS initiated an inaugural project called “World as Global Village,” in 2006. Later that year, NIS became a member of UNESCO. In 2009 we initiated the Human Rights Initiative which became part of the Egyptian curriculum. In 2016 our MUN delegation had the honor of attending a MUN conference at the headquarters of the United Nations. NIS is proud to be a part of the Global Citizen program which encourages students to participate in international issues and experience travel to other countries and cultures by making available student exchange programs and MUN.
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