The exciting new progression of mass communications does not only embody what we see such as graphics, moving images, shapes, texts, and etc. But it also exists through the technological miracle of Wi-Fi connection. Like dust, it is carried in the air that surrounds us.

It is clear now that the world is moving past the Digital Age and delving into the Age of Innovation, after going through two significant points that shaped the history of the world; the Agrarian Age and the Industrial Age. Today nearly two billion cell phones are in use around the world, and access to the Internet is rapidly increasing in schools, homes, community centers, and Internet cafés worldwide. This is providing even more opportunities to learn and develop skills. As amplifiers, storerooms, and sensory extensions for our thinking and communicating, digital devices and the Internet are today’s power tools for building abilities and sharing talents.

Making these tools universally accessible and closing the digital divide between the information rich and the information poor will provide more opportunities for learners to realize their potential. People everywhere will then be able to contribute their own special talents and gifts to the health and welfare of their community, the economy, and to society as a whole.

In 2012, NIS launched the first ever learning management system in the Middle East, as a digital provision of education and finely tuned resource bank for our students. This system stretched from the communication/submission of assignments to the provision of all PPTs and Texts to the creation of our very own NIS Filming Studios where our 5-Star educators film the instruction of their content curriculum for 24/7 reference by NIS students.

Our Advanced Education Platform [AEP], has been lauded by the AdvancEd Accrediting body and numerous other educational experts as an unparalleled, state-of-the-art system. It effectively combines e-learning, interaction, reporting, and assessment guidance in one, user friendly, package.

Through AEP, our students are in a learning environment around the clock, all year round, from all over the world. This is aptly so, given that we are in a world where information is data driven. We are not just preparing our students to pursue higher education, we are also preparing them to live and succeed in this Digital Age, powered by innovation.