Educational Aims

Students Centered Teaching (SCL)

Here at NIS we concentrate on the Student Centered Learning (SCL) instruction, which means that students are placed at the center of teaching and learning. Student needs drive instructional planning, rather than more traditional education methods of teachers, text materials, or curriculum determining what students should be learning. SCL instruction enhances learning for all students by engaging them in activities that respond to particular learning needs, strengths, and preferences and is effective in addressing the needs of the full range of ability levels in the classroom. On the LMS (Learning Management System) and the options on the interactive boards, inside each class, teachers tailor their instruction and adjust the curriculum to students’ needs rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum.

The goals of Student Centered Learning instruction are to develop challenging and engaging tasks for each student. Instructional activities are flexible and based and evaluated on content, process and product.Students learn differently and have preferred learning styles, so our teachers present information in a variety of ways. Some students may prefer to read about a topic while others prefer to listen; some may prefer to acquire knowledge by manipulating objects associated with the content. Our teachers provide content in a way that allows them to learn based either on what method is easiest for them to acquire knowledge, while also teaching them to develop other learning styles.

Assessment of student work is also based on SCL. Beside the normal tests, required by the Ministry of education, students are given a chance to reflect on their acquired knowledge through Power Point Presentations, listening and speaking tests. True assessment for learning means that the teacher is assessing both student learning and his/her ability to express his /her knowledge and at the same time learn the techniques needed for a project to be prepared and executed following the SCL and team work.

Finally, our students are learning that in this time and age it’s not important to be the first but to be a team player where everybody wins.

Happy Learning!