NIS BLU School

NIS is Blended Learning


Advanced Education prides itself on being a member of the Blended Learning Universe of international schools [BLU]. Our decisions, where growth is involved, are founded in research and are data-driven. When embarking on change, we spend months studying the proposition(s) and gauge them alongside the best practice methods and theories of education’s neo-constructivists.

The world is ever changing and so must the medium of education — this is a fact. Children, today, are born into a world saturated with media technology and new media. Therefore, it is our belief that the classroom must adapt and cater to this ‘new’ world.

Blended Learning offers an abundance of resources, while a traditional classroom offers human contact in real time. Blended Learning offers the best of both these worlds and at Advanced Education, our tailored online digital learning platform is designed to answer this call of a rapidly changing world.

Through Blended learning, education is available to students and families 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere in the world. They get all this at the click of a button. Not only that, but with the collaboration of our highly talented faculty and staff, we have tailored 35, 000+ instructional videos using glass-screen and green-screen technology.

By using this as our building block, we have succeeded in integrating the Flipped Classroom, Station-Rotation, and Flex Model methods; thus, creating an operational Blended Learning Model that places Egypt and the Middle East as valued participants and producers of a highly competitive world-class education.