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Among the masses of educational institutions, we at NIS define ourselves in terms of four primary pillars. Global Citizenship, because the world has never been more connected. Patriotism, because as we travel and learn and become the best versions of ourselves, we would be remiss to lose touch with who we are and where we came from. EdTech, because it’s the world most students today were born into. One whose technology is ever evolving at a rapid pace. And lastly, blended learning, because the system works and we have the student achievement data to prove it.




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    New Capital (All Girls)
    International School Campus

    Over the course of time, women’s education, like women’s suffrage, equal pay and a long list of many other things has continually been a struggle. Some of history’s…

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    Nasr City Campus

    Established in 1999, our proprietor, Dr. Nermien Ismail, sought to develop an educational institution that would use the most progressive techniques and innovative approaches…

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    First Settlement Campus

    Our second campus in the 1st Settlement was founded in 2001 and inaugurated in 2004.

    The demands of the growing population…

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    Porto Said Campus

    From the gargantuan megacity of Cairo to the seaside port in North East, Egypt. Advanced Education has launched its first ever School in Porto Said, bringing…

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    New Capital National School Campus

    NIS National Schools have been a success story ever since the inauguration of the first institution in 1999. For two decades, the National system at Advanced Education has pro…

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    El Shorouk Campus

    In 2017, NIS was proud to announce the opening of our newest campus in Shorouk which features large grounds on 100000 m2, 81 classrooms, multi-sports fields, a large auditoriu…

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    6th of October Campus

    6th of October Campus ( September 2022)


Dr. Nermien Ismail Schools operate as a component of the Advanced Education Corporation. Our curricular overview utilizes the child-centered, experience-centered, radical, and humanistic designs. This, in turn, allows us to place an emphasis on the child’s interests, experiences and needs; both as an individual and as a group. Our unique learning program instills a level of self-confidence within our students that is easily recognizable by the general mass public. As part of our community, students will become the best versions of who they want to become. A few things we are known for. The journey to the top of the mountain does not begin with a single step, as many people believe. It begins with an idea: “I want better”…