Welcome to the final round of the NIS Leaderboard Cup. This is an NIS ALL-SCHOOLS High Stakes competition.

You're not just competing with your grade, you're competing with your grade on all campuses.

And the end of this week, the leaderboard counter will be stopped. Make sure you correctly answer as many questions as possible from the Lesson Practice in all subject areas before that time.

To participate, students must have the most updated app installed on their phone and work from there [no Web].
For each correct response, students will earn ten(10) point. For each incorrect response, students will lose ten(10) points.
Winners will rank in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place per grade level, across all schools.

• 1st place - 200 points
• 2nd place - 150 points
• 3rd place - 100 points

The campus with the highest number of cumulative points G1-G12 will be awarded the NIS Shield.
Prizes include:
Elementary School - Trophies and Swag Bag
Middle School - Trophies and Swag Bag
High School - Trophies and Swag Bag

*First Place HS students will receive an LE3000 gift certificate.

Evidence of cheating will demonstrate a character lacking in academic integrity and is unbecoming of an NIS student. Any participant caught cheating will be immediately disqualified from the competition and forfeit all earned points.