Celebrating a Successful Quarter – The Royal Treatment

Students spend long hours and many sleepless nights studying and finishing assignments; their hard work pays off when they are placed on the Honor Roll or Dean’s List. It doesn’t stop there, because at Advanced Education, if you successfully maintain a 4.0 GPA it earns you the royal treatment; it earns you a spot on the Superintendent’s List!

aving your name on any of the lists is one thing and a luxury breakfast with the Superintendent of Advanced Education International Schools, Dr. Fadia, is a whole other story. High school and middle school students from both Shorouk and First Settlement campuses get the chance to enjoy this famous celebratory breakfast while spending quality time with Dr. Fadia and their peers.

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Over a warm cup of coffee and some delicious food, each student their remembers ongoing battle with assignments, Flipped Classrooms, Exit Tickets and much more. They successfully made it through the quarter with flying colors; they conquered it all!

This gathering not only gives the students to celebrate their achievements, it also gives the school the chance to celebrate them and to witness their academic growth. True success for educators is when they watch as their students accomplish their goals; these students make it all worth the while.

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