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We Are The Champions!

In January 2016, the first NIS Eagles team participated in the AIMZ “Road to the States” football tournament for International Schools in the beautiful town of El-Gouna. Although, it was their first time to encounter such competitive atmosphere, they outdid themselves and had a positive impact on everyone watching the tournament. When they were knocked out of the quarter finals, they still brought home a valuable trophy; “The most disciplined & organised team in the tournament”.

Soccer - Boys - Junior Varsity

Meet the Future Champions!

At NIS, our athletic program is designed to train the future champions from a very young age. Our philosophy is simple: Healthy, active, and happy kids become successful adults.

Our juniors program does not only focus on the physical development of our students, but also on their emotional and psychological one. Throughout our Athletic training, we instill the values of self-discipline, hard work, and proper work-ethic in our children from the earliest age possible. 

Soccer - Girls - Varsity

We Are The Champions

The philosophy of the NIS Girls’ Soccer Program is simple: “Play Hard and Have Fun!”. This mindset, when practiced by talented players under the leadership of knowledgeable coaches, has led to the development of excellent student-athletes who love the game.

The NIS Girls’ Soccer team is one of the most successful school programs among International Schools. The past three years have marked a period of unprecedented success for NIS, with one AIMZ League Bronze Medal and three trips to the their Girls’ Soccer Tournament.