Dr. Nermien Ismail Schools operate as a component of the Advanced Education Corporation. Our curricular overview utilizes the child-centered, experience-centered, radical, and humanistic designs.

This, in turn, allows us to place an emphasis on the child’s interests, experiences and needs; both as an individual and as a group.

Our unique learning program instills a level of self-confidence within our students that is easily recognizable by the general mass public. As part of our community, students will become the best versions of who they want to become.
A few things we are known for.
The journey to the top of the mountain does not begin with a single step, as many people believe. It begins with an idea: “I want better”.

The truth is that not all Learning Management Systems are created equal. In 2011, when we chose to bring an LMS system into our classrooms, we went shopping. At first, we attempted to outsource a ready-made platform, but that fell through very quickly. Why? Because the companies couldn’t deliver what we wanted. And so we made our own.

After over a decade of continued upgrades and improvements, our digital medium, the Blended Learning Board has taken the basic idea of an LMS to a whole new level. Through it, we have taken the blended model and elevated it to a new level of continued refinement.

For the first time, listening and speaking presentation skills are being continually developed on a daily basis, in all subject areas, through audio and video files; accompanied by constructive feedback. The pandemic may have reduced physical class hours, but with the Blended Learning Board, the classroom conversations, socializations, presentations, and acquisition of required skills and standards are uninterrupted. They are enriched—and that, is a transformational innovation.